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About Me - Becky

I am a proud NJ native and, in no certain order, here are some of my favorite things: gardening (tomatoes and flowers are my specialities), reading all the news I can find, DIY Martha Stewart-y arts & crafts, spoiling my dogs Dexter Sacha Fierce (my old man Pug) and Buddy  Stephanopoulos Wigglesworth (a giant goober Pittbull), mastering Instant Pot foods, cheering for my NY Giants, the Yankees, and yes the Sixers. I LOVE to wrap presents with bows and ribbon and pride myself on my skills, I still sing along to music (way too loud) in my car, love weather that you can't feel, I will admit to occasionally cheating on a crossword puzzle, fishing is one of my favorite pastimes, I can quote numerous Will Ferrell movies, most of 30 Rock and The Office, I live by the principles of the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness, my potato salad and chicken paprikash are legendary, and I can beat most people in Jeopardy.

My career started 20 years ago as a Marketing Coordinator and throughout the years I have worked for associations, property management, restaurants, SEO agencies, financial technology, not-for-profit, publicly traded, budgets from $100/month to $10,000/month, working as a marketing department of one, and part of a 30 person team.

I learn my products inside and out, speak the language, know the acronyms, ensure brand consistency, take notice of the little details (every January your copyright needs to be updated), take pride in my work, oftentimes sharing final projects on my own social, challenge myself, am an avid learner and have an arsenal of tools in my marketing tech stack.

My main areas of expertise include copywriting, analytics, paid ads, project management, vendor relations, PR, press releases, keyword research, creating sharable content, qualified lead generation, building brand awareness, marketing strategy, digital funnels, and conversion path analysis.

In 2017, I created my side hustle Rogue Creative with my first custom brand, logo, and menu for the highly successful Burrata Philly, an Italian restaurant in South Philly.

Thanks to the success of Burrata, I now include 7 restaurants in my list of clients and a local Philly musician. The work I create for my clients includes custom logo design, menus, website, social media, google my business, reputation management, signage, and more.

Thanks for reading about me!

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Please contact me for a custom marketing quote. Packages include original branding, custom logo design, website, social media platforms, Google My Business, SEO optimization, promo/logo items, and more!

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